Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
US disease agency COVID-19 information and specific advice for households, travelers, businesses, and more

Flatten COVID Map
Provides heat map of confirmed and potential COVID-19 cases. Not-for-profit agency

National Institutes of Health
US national health service COVID-19 updates and health information

Public Health Canada
Online resource for Canadians including COVID-19 updates, symptom information, prevention advice, and more

Public Health Canada Map
Online map of COVID-19 cases in Canada

Public Health Ontario
COVID-19 testing guidelines in Ontario and updates on testing service

Public Health Ontario - Self Assessment
Automated COVID-19 symptom self-assessment tool

Public Health Ontario - Status of Cases
Detailed list of COVID-19 cases in Ontario, both overall and by region

World Health Organization - COVID-19 MythBusters Page
Common myths about COVID-19 addressed by WHO and explicitly dispelled

World Health Organization - Q&A
Top COVID-19 questions and responses by the WHO

World Health Organization - Situation Reports
Index of situation reports listed in chronological order

World Health Organization - Update Page
Updates on global outbreak figures and links to other WHO documents

World Health Organization - WhatsApp Service
Chatbot via WhatsApp gives status updates and automated responses to common COVID-19 questions